Halloween Skincare Tips

Halloween Skincare Tips

Halloween Skincare Tips

Normally, you might be really good about keeping up your skincare routine – washing, toning, moisturizing and, of course, using a high-quality organic sugar facial scrub regularly. When a holiday rolls around, though, it can throw off your skincare routines – especially when that holiday is Halloween. (Who’s thinking about a sugar body scrub when there are parties and sweets galore on the agenda?)

If you want your Halloween makeup to be as gory or as glorious as possible, your skincare routine is an important part of getting your look right. And you’ll want to start with an exfoliating sugar scrub.  “If you exfoliate before applying makeup, not only will the skin surface be smoother and the makeup application easier, but there won’t be any dead skin to flake into pores,” the experts at Stylecaster say.

They also say it’s important to moisturize your skin before applying any Halloween makeup. “This will help keep the paint from staining your skin and will act as a protective barrier against some of the heavy waxes and greases that may be in the costume makeup.”

Top 3 Halloween Characters in Need of an Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

If you use our fragrant organic sugar scrubs, your skin might already be Instagram ready, but you’re likely to run into some characters on Halloween that could use some help in the skincare department.

After careful consideration, we decided that the three characters you’re likely to see on Halloween who are most in need of an exfoliating sugar scrub are:

  1. Witches – Where to start? The green skin, the warts – witches have some wicked skincare issues. Regular use of one of Sweet Melissa’s organic sugar scrubs would do wonders.
  2. Clowns – Can you imagine what all that heavy makeup caked on day after day does to the skin? A little sugar facial scrub is just what is needed to get that scary makeup off…NOW!
  3. Zombies – You would have to be careful not to scrub too hard, but we all know that an exfoliating sugar scrub is great when it comes to clearing away dead skin.


Of course, the most important skincare advice we can give you for Halloween is to be sure and wash away all the heavy makeup at the end of the night – no matter how tired you are!

All of us at Sweet Melissa’s sugar scrub store wish you a very happy Halloween!

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