With Gratitude from Sweet Melissa’s Sugar Scrub Store

With Gratitude from Sweet Melissa’s Sugar Scrub Store

With Gratitude from Sweet Melissa’s Sugar Scrub Store

Here at Sweet Melissa’s Sugar Scrub Store, we are grateful for all the wonderful people who have contributed to our success. Thank you for believing in us, for using our exfoliating sugar scrubs and for sharing them with your friends and family. Thinking about all of you always makes us smile.

According to Forbes Contributor Bryan Robinson, being grateful can do a lot more for us than make us smile. “Studies show that if you express gratitude, it raises your happiness by 25%,” he writes in The Power of Gratitude and How It Raises Your Happiness.

Shift Your Perspective

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, lots of us are thinking about the things we’re grateful for – our family, friends and, of course, the wonderful meal we’ll soon be enjoying. Taking time to focus on our many blessings instead of the things we think we’re lacking, whether it is the latest iPhone or the love of your life, is the key to unlocking the power of gratitude, Robinson says.

“How many of us gripe and complain about the minor inconveniences when our lives are already rich and full?” he queries. “After a project wraps, do you move on to the next item on your agenda without taking time to savor the successful completion of the one you left behind? Do you complain because you didn’t score the best restaurant table by the window, overlooking the fact that you have the means to enjoy a delicious meal with loved ones and awesome friends? Do you bemoan what’s on your to-do list instead of savor how much you’ve accomplished?”

It’s a natural tendency to focus on the negative, but you can train your brain to focus on the positive. Get yourself a gratitude journal and think of it as an exfoliating sugar scrub for your mind!

Of course, here at Sweet Melissa’s Sugar Scrub Store, we don’t need a journal to remind us of how much you mean to us.  Again, many thanks for your faith in our organic sugar scrubs! We wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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